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Who am I

Who am I to decide who I am. A journey awaits me, as I speak, to help me unravel one of the biggest mysteries of mankind, to find oneself....

The birth 

Glory to Allah who created and nurtures us all...  

I was born in a house, as was the custom in those days, to a Muslim family of Pondicherry. Traditionally, my forefathers have been Businessmen and Politicians. I was brought up by my entire family in the morals of Islam. And to this day, I am thankful to them.

I was a happy child, a bit fat. My childhood was a happy one with lots of friends and lots of adventures. I was a bit notorious for getting into trouble without giving anyone the slightest guess of what I am up to.
But as I grew up slowly I tread outside the borders of the principles I was raised within though I never lost my conscience.

Those school days

As a teenager I was temperamental. Though I was never a famous figurehead at school, I played a pivotal role in the first ever strike to have been organized against the principal of my High School or some would say it was the first of its kind for the school itself, either it was organizing the students or arranging for a Press Meet. It was not without reason, the principal, a bit adamant and never accepting when he was at fault could have invited nothing less than what happened.

But as one of my teachers at the school said, he was happy or proud, I could not remember the exact words, of the way we marched and the way we demanded our rights.  And our principal, with all respect, had been a wily fox. The press report never made it to the newspapers with an exception of one National daily printing a vague reference to it without even mentioning the school name. At end he was a success.

I was a bright student at school except for the last two years of my High School. I do not feel ashame to accept that I saw a lackening of interest in my studies at this time. And by God's grace I graduated out of High School with an ambition to become a Doctor.

I too was young

Contrary to all my judgements, I joined Tagore Arts college, a renowned Institute for Arts and Sciences, in the department of Computer Science... Even this didn't wake me up from the lull of the learning block which gripped me during the last years at High school. As life has its way, it took me further to my Post graduation in the Pondicherry University. This helped me to get through the campus recruitement as i found myself employed with Baan Info Systems, a then Global leader in ERP, whose Indian research and developement was housed at Hyderabad.

The awakening

As I grew out of my teenage I started to incline towards Islam. It was a rebirth. Even today I owe much of my Islamic education to those days. I was blessed with a number of good teachers who tutored me to stay and take the balanced path. And a torch was lit inside my soul. Its flames rise and fall, but it never burnt out totally.f

A new adventure

Those were memorable days, those I spent at Hyderabad. And even today I get nostalgic about that time. As I grew old, I wanted to get out of India, like many aspiring Indians. I went to the United States of America as Programmer Analyst. After a short stint of a year in US, I spent an exciting period with IBM in France. 

Then I was back in India. I got married. Then I went back to France and now I find myself back in the old city where I grew up and which had never lost its charm on me... I do not know what the future holds for me except that I have started a Business, an Internet Coffee Shop, here at Pondicherry.If God Wishes, I intend to expand in into something big and relevant to my field of expertise and education. I have to wait ....

In Pondicherry,
Visit me at my Internet Coffee Shop:
Wi Corner
1, Cazy Street (1st Floor)
Near Grand Bakery - Bussy Street
Pondicherry - 605001.